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The Comic Seer Windows App is the most fluid and immersive comic reader available. Comic Seer desktop is one of the most popular cross-platform readers for Windows & Linux.

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2019-11-26: Comic Seer Desktop Removal

The Comic Seer Desktop application will be deommissioned and receive no further udpates. It'll remain available as a download, from the Downloads page. Please try the Comic Seer Windows App as an alternative. Future works are also being evaluated.

2015-08-12: Comic Seer v2.65 App

Comic Seer App 2.65 adds full manga viewing support. This includes full right-to-left reading and the option to automatically view comics as manga where Manga=Yes in the attached Comic Info.

2015-04-25: Comic Seer v2.3 App

Comic Seer App 2.3 is now available. This includes a number of fixes and color correction. You can now do gamma correction and page yellow correction with your comics.

2014-11-02: Comic Seer App!

Comic Seer App 2.0 has been released! You can now synchronize bookmarks, page memory, page rotations, and comic progress across devices. In previous updates, the viewer was enhanced to add interactive swiping and multiple translations. Get the latest and check out the best reader on Windows!

2014-08-31: Comic Seer App updates

Page caching, viewer background changing, and live tiles... these are some of the updates in the latest Comic Seer App.

2014-08-16: Comic Vine integration for the Comic Seer App!

Use Comic Vine to find the comic information for all of your comics. Update your copy or get it now while still on sale!

2014-08-10: Comic Seer App Update & Sale

The Comic Seer App is on sale in the Windows Store for 35% off! Get it now with it's recent updates of additional gestures, library filtering, thumbnail sizing, automatic series progression, and a number of other fixes and enhancements. Also- Comic Vine integration for automated loading of comic information coming soon!

2014-07-25: Comixology has DRM-free comics!

If you haven't heard, Comixology, the largest digital comic distributor, is selling some DRM-free comics now. Get your DRM-free comics and view them on Comic Seer!

2014-07-20: Comic Seer App enhancements

A number of features are rolling out in the new version of the Comic Seer App! You will get this update in the next 12-48hrs depending on your location. This update includes:
  • Library sorting by series
  • Library switchable thumbnail/list views
  • Ability to move to the next comic in series from the viewer
  • Ability to add multiple libraries at a time from one parent folder
  • Several bug fixes
This update further solidifies Comic Seer as the best app in the Windows Store.

2014-07-14: Comic Seer App price reduction!

Comic Seer app for Windows 8 has been reduced in price! You can get it from the Windows Store for 3.49USD for a short period only! Get it!.

2014-05-25: Comic Seer Windows App released!

Comic Seer for Windows Store has been released. This is a new application that runs on all Windows 8.1 devices, both x86 and ARM. This is the first of many iterations. You can get it from the Windows Store.


If you installed Comic Seer from the Ubuntu Software Center, it is VERY out of date and they have not been accepting any updates for MONTHS. Please use the APT repository defined on the Comic Seer website to make sure you're always getting the latest version.


If you're using the Debian/Ubuntu repository, please retrieve a new key for package signing to make sure you stay up to date. You can run the same command as previously, "sudo wget -O - http://www.xylasoft.com/apt/xylamic@xylasoft.com.gpg.key | sudo apt-key add -"


If you're translating, the base translation file in the 2.50 install was old. If you want to translate the application, please use the translation file on the website.


Comic Seer v2.50 released! HUGE update! This includes:
  • Added support for user bookmarking
  • Added ability to move to next comic in series
  • Hides the cursor when magnifying
  • Added right-click option to view comic information
  • Added option for allowing magnification
  • Added option to restore defaults
  • Bug fixes


Comic meta-data support is now in Comic Seer! Version 2.30 has been released that provides visualization of comic information and integrates with ComicTagger for editing.


There were a number of fixes and a couple small enhancements made in a new v2.21-3 release. This includes adding an alternate directory to put your language files in. The corresponding localization blog post has also been updated.


Comic Seer has been updated to v2.20. This release includes page rotation with memory, right-click tab menus, and localization, which allows Comic Seer to be adapted to other languages. For information on how to translate Comic Seer to a different language, see a post on the blog.


An updated version is now available for download, version 2.10. This included enhancements to keyboard commands for zoom in/out and commands to skip to the first/last page of the comic. This is along with a number of smaller fixes.


It's finally here! The biggest update in a long time, version 2.00! Check it out!
  • File system browsing within your libraries
  • 'Smart sorting' based on comic name
  • Page numbers optionally visible on each page image
  • Opening comics from Windows Explorer/Nautilus/etc opens in the same instance of the application
  • Bunches of little fixes and enhancements, like improved smart comic naming


The new release is still in development and the current target for the release (v2.0) is the end of April. Check back for updates.


The next version of Comic Seer is under development, the features targeted for the upcoming release in 1Q 2013 is:
  • Automated library sorting
    • By comic name
    • By modification date
  • Visable page number when in full screen mode, and option of where it is visible
  • Enhanced 'smart' naming
  • Button and key to move to the next comic in the library during viewing

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