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Download Comic Seer Windows App

The Comic Seer app for Windows 8.1, 10, and RT Desktops and Tablets is available in the Windows Store.

Download Comic Seer Desktop

The Comic Seer Desktop application is available, but receiving no further updates. The Windows Store App is recommended.

Comic Seer Desktop is available for Windows XP SP2 and newer, and Linux. The Linux version is built on Ubuntu x86/x86_64, but should work on any recent Linux distributions.

Comic Seer v2.51-3/4 (December, 2014)


Comic Seer is dynamically linked against Qt. This an LGPL licensed product, which the source is available at: http://qt-project.org/downloads.

Multi-Language Support

Comic Seer can be adapted to other languages. If you know a second language, please translate the application and submit to comicseer@xylasoft.com for everyone's use!

The pre-built languages made by contributors for your use are below. For information on how to install the language, refer to the last section in the multi-language blog post.

Language files are not guaranteed to be compatible across versions. If you upgrade Comic Seer and are using a language file, please use the latest language file as well.



Complete %



Czech/Czech Republiccomicseer_cs_CZ100.0%pavelfric@seznam.czTS file
French/Francecomicseer_fr_FR100.0%chezdom@yahoo.frTS file
Greek/Greececomicseer_el_GR100.0%admin@geogeo.grTS file
Russian/Russiacomicseer_ru_RU86.5%alexxx4212@yandex.comTS file

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